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Lesees Inspection

A commercial real estate lease is one of the biggest financial obligations for any company. Whether you are  starting a business that requires a storefront or expanding your business locations, you should always have the physical condition of the property examined by inspector before entering into or renewing a lease agreement.  This process is called the Due Diligence Period.  This typicaly begins when your broker has helped you to solicit interest in a property.  At that time the land lord can provide you access to the property for a Due Diligence inspection of the propoerty.  The time period can vary to several weeks.

These property inspection helps both the landlord and tenant.  It ensure that all parties are maintaining acceptable property conditions and can anticipate their operating expenses throughout the lease.

The landlord or tenant can also use the MyPropertyAssessment report to:

  1. When the tenant is responsible for the cost of maintenance and repairs for a building to some degree, they’ll want to know about any big-ticket repairs or replacements in the foreseeable future.

  2. Anticipating costs for upkeep a commercial inspection report will help the lessee predict and prioritize preventative maintenance and disruptions or inconveniences caused by inevitable building maintenance and repairs. 

  3. Landlord perspective want to attract and retain customers. When commercial real estate is poorly maintained, it can affect the prospective customers’ perception and decrease foot traffic. A neglected property can also result in various inconveniences, such as equipment failure, noise pollution, or full or partial shutdown of the building. 

  4. Both landlord and tenant have liability and responsibilities that extend to employees, customers, and occupants. Each party should be made aware of potential hazards at their onset, rather than risk the health and safety of the building’s occupants. 

  5. Want to avoid legal claims. report will provide the client with documentation about the condition of the building during the period of the lease. The tenant may need this to avoid or quickly settle any legal claims that often revolve around the return of security deposits.

Never assume there isn’t negotiating potential for prospective lessees or even during lease renewals. A current property assessment play a critical role in the lessee’s due diligence process and renewals. An inspection report will provide you with the information and documentation needed to negotiate concessions that minimize the risks that could affect the safety of the building’s occupants, as well as operating expenses.

Schedule a Commercial Property Inspection

Note: Every inspection and subsequent report will be different based on the type of property and its use, the Scope of Work for the inspection, and even the inspector, so previous inspection reports should not be relied upon as an accurate record of its current condition. Contact me to discuss the specific needs for the project.

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