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We have earned the following inspector certifications awarded by InterNACHI® - the world's largest organization of residential and commercial property inspectors.

We Are CCPIA Certified

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Being a member of the CCPIA, We are required to complete hours of online course training, ethics training, and colaboration with other inspectors around the country.  Also since being certified we have completed hours of live training at a state of the art facility for hands on situations.  There are required continuing education class taken every year to keep up with industry standards.  We also get specific training on tools, documents, reports, for local, regional, and national processes.  We are alwasy looking for the best methods and honing our skills to be the best at the service we provide you, our client.


LEED AP is earned by a rigurous examination developed and implented by U.S. Green Building Council.  Accredited Professionals are educated and tested for this designation.  This accreditation is a useful tool to examine and inspect a potential property and these standards are important to the client.  Newer properties since 2006 have many attributes of a Green Building already built into them.  As an addition service MyPropertyAssessment can help determine what prerequisites exist to benift as a certified building.

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Although we do only commercial inspections there are many related systems from the residential world.  We have gone through the education, and testing, for residential inspections.  This is particulary handy when it comes to inspecting multi-unit family properties that have all the residential components but exceed the typical four unit rentals.  When there are more than four units it falls withing a commercial inspection standards, but having the residential experience is an added bonus for our clients.

Commercial Standards Of Practice

We inspect the property according to the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. Visit for more information.

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