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Office Inspection

What is your office type?  These come in various sizes with no end.  There are mixed use buildings, multi-story buildings, life-science, healthcare, small suites, and specialties like infusion or pharmacy units.  In any case a commercial building inspection is critical to understanding what you’re signing up for.  An inspection is part of the due diligence period.  Unlike a residential inspection that must happen within a couple days, commercial transactions have a couple weeks or more to get the inspection complete.  Inspection reports are a good way to document the condition of the property prior signing a lease to prevent disputes with landlords in the future.


For Office Real Estate Owners and Investors


Is your leased space or investment costing you operational cost or cash flow?  A well processed property assessment can identify past, present, and future costs.  Avoiding unexpected failures can be money in the bank.  Assessments performed by a will provide an understanding if components are near end of life or were well maintained by its occupants and/or owners. 


For Office Real Estate Tenants


A majority cost for any company is the lease being agreed to for three, five, or even 10 years.  You will want to have a good understanding of the building or space you are about to work in for some time.  It will require maintenance or repair and replacement of some systems.  That is a risk, and you’ll want make and account for so there are no surprises.  Routine checks on systems are another service we can offer to keep an eye on things for you too.


Schedule a Commercial Property Inspection


Note: Every inspection and subsequent report will be different based on the type of property and its use, the Scope of Work for the inspection, and even the inspector, so previous inspection reports should not be relied upon as an accurate record of its current condition. Contact me to discuss the specific needs for the project.

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