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Industrial Inspection

Industrial building inspections are performed on many types of commercial spaces, including manufacturing facilities (both light assembly and heavy manufacturing), warehouses, flex spaces, commercial condominiums, distribution centers, art studios, showrooms, and similar buildings. understand that industrial buildings are dynamic. They encompass many different types of production and storage, and, in some cases, operate 24 hours a day or need to accommodate a continuous manufacturing process. This makes them subject to construction and renovation that may not always be sustainable, environmental issues, and unique equipment that may diminish the condition of a property. Regardless of the client’s objective for the inspection, having the physical condition of the building assessed by is especially important.


The commercial property inspection will provide an understanding of the physical condition as a whole so that the building’s owners, tenants, and investors can make certain that the facility can accommodate the needs of any tenants without disruption, as well as serve as a strong capital asset.

About the Commercial Property Inspection

The commercial inspection is a thorough visual examination of the condition of a property. It provides the client with an inventory of the building’s major systems and components and an assessment of their physical and functional condition. These findings will highlight the property’s strengths and potential deficiencies, as well as any deferred maintenance issues, so the client can:


  1. make certain that the building can accommodate and adapt to varying tenancies;

  2. understand how the building is holding up from a physical vantage point; and

  3. address the issues that will impact the building from a safety and financial perspective.


This inspection not only reduces the client’s risk, but can also save him or her thousands of dollars in the long run.


 Schedule a Commercial Property Inspection


Note: Every inspection and subsequent report will be different based on the type of property and its use, the Scope of Work for the inspection, and even the inspector, so previous inspection reports should not be relied upon as an accurate record of its current condition. Contact me to discuss the specific needs for the project.

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