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Retail Property Inspection

There are lots of different retail properties in various commercial structures.  Many of the spaces can range from multi-story mall structures, mix use buildings, strip malls, and shopping centers. Investors, lessors, leesees are all potential buyers and tenants.  Each one has specific needs that we can address and meet.


When our clients have done all the research, finding the right demographics, the right location, then the right building we step in.  They understand to get their choice property inspected during the due diligence period.  To help with your lease negotiations we are gathering risk issues that may be present. These risks if not found during negotiations will be costly and unexpected after the fact.  However, knowing potential risk during negotiations will put power in your hands.


Depending on your lease type your expose can be little or great.  A normal lease keeps many expenses on the lessor side. If you decide on a triple-net or net lease your exposure is greater.  The latter leans much more on a good commercial building inspection.  Triple-net lessees need to know what their potential unexpected risk is as much as their operational expenses.


One more note about a proper commercial building inspection for retail spaces.  If you have specific utility needs for gas, power, tel/com, water and wastewater, we can assist in understanding existing conditions and if they meet those needs.  During this process we can provide a complete inventory of the assets that come with the space being leased.  This process can also provide deferred maintenance issues as well.


About the Commercial Property Inspection


Your commercial property inspector, MyPropertyAssessment, compies per their training of International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP). The ComSOP is the industry-accepted commercial inspection guideline. It’s a proven process and system.


Additional Services


Other services during the due diligence period are site condition for access and parking, structural concerns of the structure itself, plumbing size services, HVAC size, Sprinkler hazard protection, possible electrical service sizes.  The condition of the roof whether your responsibility or not is a risk if it fails and threatens your business.  Let us know what your concerns are.


Schedule a Commercial Property Inspection


Note: Every inspection and subsequent report will be different based on the type of property and its use, the Scope of Work for the inspection, and even the inspector, so previous inspection reports should not be relied upon as an accurate record of its current condition. Contact me to discuss the specific needs for the project.

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